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Singing is the power of the word magnified by the music. Only the singer creates the fusion of music and words.

The Free Voice

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Singing is air in motion. Harnessing the power of breath energy frees the voice of all impediments.


Vocal lessons with Nick Bang

Air in motion carries diction from the lips of the singer to the ear of the listener. Mastering the phonemes to be sung brings out the true beauty of the human voice.

Nick Bang is a remarkable voice teacher. For Singing Lessons Walnut Creek, CA, Singing Lessons Pleasanton, CA, and Singing Lessons Oakland, CA, Nick Bang is the person to call. He is a traveling teacher and prepares private Vocal Lessons Walnut Creek, CA, Vocal Lessons Pleasanton, CA, and Vocal Lessons San Francisco for his students. Bang’s Private Voice Lessons Walnut Creek, CA are personalized for each of his student’s in order to help reach goals and milestones such as college admittance, or preparation of performances. He has had tremendous success in delivering Singing Lessons Bay Area.

About Nick

Bang assesses each student’s goals and works diligently to help them achieve important goals. Vocal health, beauty, ease of tone and musicality characterize the work of his students. In a studio so new, Mr. Bang has distinguished himself by mentoring his very first student who graduates this spring and heads to one of the nation's premier institutions of higher learning, the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City.

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"Nick helped me discover my love for singing, which is my true passion in life. I have decided to pursue it professionally." ― Jamie

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