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Written Testimonials

"Nick has been a great help for me. I would never be in Chamber or as good a singer as I am without him."
- Ian

"Nick has been a wonderful voice teacher for Ian. I don’t know if he does this for every student, but he spends some part of each lesson talking about the physiological reasons for sound, which my son finds fascinating. I would highly recommend him as teacher for anyone."
- Heidi

"We met Nick through Festival Opera and were lucky to get him as a voice coach for Adam. His teaching style is very straight forward and clear with plenty of explanation as to why one does things. You can tell Nick has had extensive training and that he loves to teach. Adam has made good progress in his opera training since he started with Nick. He is learning how to use his voice on a whole new level. Adam already had some experience singing, though I think Nick would be great with any level student."
- Rhonda Chase & Adam

"My kids have always enjoyed their voice lessons with Nick. They are very comfortable with Nick, and he is able to explain concepts to them in ways that are easy for them to understand and adopt. Watching him with his students, it is clear that he genuinely enjoys teaching. He is committed to helping his students achieve their goals, and he cares about his students’ progress and accomplishments. I would highly recommend Nick as a voice teacher for anyone."
-Laura Woodman

About Nick

Bang assesses each student’s goals and works diligently to help them achieve important goals. Vocal health, beauty, ease of tone and musicality characterize the work of his students. In a studio so new, Mr. Bang has distinguished himself by mentoring his very first student who graduates this spring and heads to one of the nation's premier institutions of higher learning, the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City.

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What people say ...

"Nick helped me discover my love for singing, which is my true passion in life. I have decided to pursue it professionally." ― Jamie

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